2013- Art Theraphist
2004- László Morvay Studio membership
1994- Studio of Young Artist and Designers membersip
1995- Hungarian Creative Artist Nationwide Association membership
1990-1994 Hungarian Handicrafts College
Visual Communication:Graphics - Tipography
My painter master: József Baska
My graphic master: Gyula Molnár
1986-1988 Windows-dresser and Decoration School
1980-1984 Hungarian Fine Arts and Design Collage
1978-2004 Imre Gaál Studio membership, Master: László Morvay
2009 Antonio Gualda ine Arts International contest - Diploma
2001 Art of Visitors expectation competiton - II.charge
1994 Heltai Gáspár Diploma work competition - I.charge
1993 Berlin scholarship
1993 Imige of Pestszenterzsébet Local Goverment Informatics system - III.charge
1991 MIF: Dióssy-Nagyajtai work competition - I.charge